333. Balanced Rock

TOWNSHIP: Warrington
QUADRANGLE: Wellsville
LOCATION: Within Gifford Pinchot State Park; at Boulder Point on the Boulder Point Trail; 5.8 miles north of the Borough of Dover.

REMARKS: This large boulder balanced on two small ones is a special example of spheroidal weathering. Chemical and mechanical weathering processes attacked this igneous rock, called diabase (Triassic age), and "rounded" it. The rock was first formed from molten magma, and, as it cooled, its volume shrank and shrinkage or cooling cracks were formed. These cracks later aided in the weathering and rounding of the blocks.

REFERENCES: Hoskins, D. M. [1978], Gifford Pinchot State Park: Diabase, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Park Guide 10.

Pinchot State Park - Visitation info, etc. [07/05/10]
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354. Chimney Rock

chimney rock, photo by Randy E. Newcomer TOWNSHIP: Hellam
QUADRANGLE: Columbia West
LOCATION: One mile north of Hellam Borough.

REMARKS: The highest point on a ridge of the Hellam Conglomerate Member of the Chickies Formation (Early Cambrian age); the oldest sedimentary rock in Pennsylvania. The conglomerate has weathered into spectacular pinnacles that stand 30 feet above the crest of the ridge.

REFERENCES: Stose, G. W., and Jonas, A. I. [1939], Geology and mineral resources of York County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., County Report 67, 199 p.

PHOTO: ©2009 Randy E. Newcomer.

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370. Counselman Run Area

TOWNSHIP: Lower Chanceford
LOCATION: One mile northwest of Holtwood, along the Susquehanna River.

REMARKS: This area is limited to the steep west wall of the Susquehanna River north of the Holtwood Dam. There are scenic waterfalls on Counselman Run, Duncan Run, and Oakland Run, all tributaries of the Susquehanna.

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373. High Rock

TOWNSHIP: Paradise
LOCATION: Approximately 4.7 miles north of the Hanover Borough square; along the north rim of the Pigeon Hills.

REMARKS: Outcrops of Lower Cambrian Chickies Quartzite on the Pigeon Hills; an excellent north overlook across the Piedmont Uplands; the Blue Ridge province is in the background. Trails through the pines and rock outcrops are extremely scenic.

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313. Stone Head / 314. Lookout

TOWNSHIP: Franklin
LOCATION: About 4 miles southwest of the Borough of Dillsburg; 2 miles northeast of the junction York, Cumberland, and Adams Counties.

REMARKS: An outcrop of quartzite of the Antietam Formation (Cambrian age) has weathered to a shape resembling a head. Lookout (314) on Long Mountain (Cumberland County, South Middleton Township) is a nearby similar outcrop (not similar in shape) along the Appalachian Trail.

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376. Mt. Pisgah

LOCATION: Samuel E. Lewis State Park, approximately 2.25 miles northwest of the Borough of East Prospect.

REMARKS: Fantastic 12-mile view of the Susquehanna River valley to the Safe Harbor Dam; there is a view of the Chickies Rock anticline to the north. The site, which is 865 feet in elevation, is one of the highest in the area.

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377. Otter Creek Gorge

TOWNSHIP: Lower Chanceford
LOCATION: One and four-tenths miles south of Shenks Ferry on the Susquehanna River, along Pa. Route 425. Part of the Otter Creek Gorge is included in the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company's Otter Creek Recreation Area located at the mouth of Otter Creek.

REMARKS: The extremely scenic ruggedness of the gorge makes this one of the outstanding natural areas in Pennsylvania. Outcrops of schist (Wissahickon Formation, Precambrian(?) age) line the walls of the gorge.

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380. Pulpit Rock

TOWNSHIP: Heidelberg
LOCATION: Approximately 4.4 miles north of Hanover; along the south rim of the Pigeon Hills.

REMARKS: Outcrops of Lower Cambrian Chickies Quartzite on the Pigeon Hills; provides a southern overlook across the Piedmont province in winter, when there is no summer foliage. A U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey trig-station bronze plaque (dated 1942) is atop Pulpit Rock; a U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey trig-station is a first order horizontal and vertical control point in the national topographic land survey.

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383. Wildcat Run Gorge / 384. Wildcat Falls / 385. Round Top / 386. Hellam Point / 387. Schulls Rock

QUADRANGLE: Columbia West
LOCATION: Along the Susquehanna River on North River Road; 1.8 miles west of the village of Accomac.

REMARKS: A wild and scenic gorge on the north flank of the Hellam Hills. Wildcat Falls (384) is a spectacular feature within the gorge. Vertical cliffs up to 150 feet high of quartzite (Chickies Formation, Early Cambrian age) line the gorge and the Susquehanna River near the mouth of the run. Round Top (385), a prominent topographic feature located 2 miles to the east near Hellam Point (386), and Schulls Rock (387) located 2 miles to the west, are also underlain by this hard, weather-resistant quartzite. Schulls Rock and Wildcat Falls are two of the most scenic features in York County. Fossil animal trails or burrows called "scolithus tubes" are present in the Chickies Quartzite.

REFERENCE: Stose, G. W., and Jonas, A. I. (1939), Geology and mineral resources of York County, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., County Report 67, 199 p.

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